As a Construction Management Firm, we provide Construction Management services anywhere nationally or abroad. This process insures your expectations, including negotiating change orders and granting compliance with all project documentation and construction practices. ICM Consulting can supply superintendents and project managers to completely “manage” any project from large-scale residential projects, including 15,000 square foot custom homes to all classes of hotels and all types of commercial projects. With our knowledge and experience in all aspects of the construction industry, we can also provide services as an Owner’s Representative, providing a liaison between you and your General Contractor or we can act as the General Contractor. As a General Contractor, ICM Consulting, and our sister company, Griffin Associates, holds Class ‘A” or primary licenses in Maryland, Virginia, the Caribbean and West Indies.

Design Phase Services
ICM Consulting will assist a client during the design phase of each project by coordinating and managing design development. We work with your Architects and Engineers in a cooperative team effort to develop a quality design for the least amount of cost. Many times, thousands of dollars can be saved before the plans actually are completed and submitted for permits. If required, we can recommend qualified Design Professionals for every project.

Design Phase services include, but are not limited to the following:
● Coordinating design reviews
● Reviewing and/or developing cost estimates
● Controlling schedules
● Record Keeping
● Reporting on progress and problem resolution
● Value Engineering (VE) exercises / lowering costs where feasible
● Site survey, Pre-Concept, or Design Program
● Concept Design Drawings, Specifications & Estimates
● Design Development Drawings, Specifications & Estimates
● Mid-point Construction Drawings, Specifications & Estimates
● 95% Construction Drawings, Specifications & Estimates
● Final Construction Drawings, Specifications & Estimates
● Maintain file copies of all design submissions and review comments throughout the design phase.

The file documents, at a minimum, will consist of:
● A-E’s formal design submissions
● Corresponding design review reports
● Minutes from design review meetings
● Formal VE reports
● A-E contract modifications
● Prepare monthly status reports

Procurement Phase Services
ICM Consulting will evaluate bidder interest and prepare a source list of potential bidders or vendors. At the request of the client, we will suggest strategies for expanding competition by stimulating more bidder interest.

ICM Consulting will assist the client in conducting a pre-bid conference for the benefit of potential bidders and sub-contractors. We will schedule and publicize the meeting, prepare an agenda, record minutes, take follow-up actions, and provide logistical or other administrative support.

ICM Consulting will assist the client in conducting site visit(s) for the benefit of potential bidders. We will be responsible for scheduling and/or publicizing the visit, recording questions and answers, taking follow-up actions, and for providing logistical or other administrative support.

ICM Consulting will assist the client with the preparation of amendments to the solicitation package and coordinate activities with the A-E to get the amendment drafted, approved and distributed. If an amendment involves technical changes to the specifications or drawings, ICM will review the A-E’s work for constructability, review cost/pricing impacts, and assess schedule impacts.

ICM Consulting may prepare a technical analysis of bids/offers, compare and evaluate bids and proposals, and make recommendations to the client regarding award of the construction contract.

Construction Phase Services
ICM Consulting will inspect the construction project for all contractors’ workmanship, materials, and equipment for conformity with requirements of the construction contract and specifications.

The contract drawings and specifications, subsequent contract modifications, and approved submittals will be reviewed for accuracy. Our Project Manager will promptly report to the construction contractor, in writing, observed variances from the contract requirements with a copy to the client. Throughout the construction process, ICM Consulting will maintain an up-to-date list of defects and omissions. We will maintain all private and county inspection reports.

Construction Phase services includes, but are not limited to the following:
● Record Keeping
● Progress Reports
● Coordinate between, the AIA, Owner, and other professionals
● Schedule observation and control
● Conducting meetings
● Processing submittals
● Processing progress payments
● Inspecting
● Verify contractor is maintaining As-Built drawings
● Maintaining Testing Reports
● Responding to information requests (RFI’s)
● Processing contract modifications
● Processing claims and claims prevention
● Monitoring labor provisions
● Performing photographic services

One of our primary functions is to assist the client with the administration of modifications to the construction contract. ICM Consulting will avoid taking actions that commit additional client funds or could be interpreted as authorizing modifications to the contract. We will develop a standard procedure for working with the construction contractor, the A&E, and the client, in processing modifications. ICM Consulting will perform or assist the client in performing the steps in the modification process listed below:

● Determining the need for modification
● Verifying that the modification is not within the scope of the contract
● Defining the scope of the change
● Preparing an independent estimate
● Preparing the request for a contractor’s cost proposal
● Evaluating the contractor’s proposal
● Preparing a price or technical analysis
● Initiating a request for an audit if appropriate
● Estimating time impacts
● Obtaining A-E technical design input
● Assisting in negotiations with the contractor
● Preparing a price negotiation memorandum
● Processing through to approval and documentation of the final modification

Post Construction Phase Services
ICM Consulting will assist with construction contract closeout as required. Throughout this contract, we will mitigate circumstances that could lead to claims, and keep the client advised of any potential disputes. We will review disputes and claims from the A&E and/or construction contractors and render all assistance, which the client may require, including furnishing reports with supporting information necessary to resolve disputes and defend against claims. ICM Consulting may prepare findings of facts and any other documentation as required, participate in meetings or negotiations with claimants, and provide other appropriate assistance.

Other Related Services, For Additional Fees
● Special consultant or special inspection services, such as assessments of hazardous materials, special studies and/or updates to prior studies.
● Supplements to master or environmental plans, interior space planning, existing site surveys, site models, etc.
● Tenant relocation and moving services at facilities other than those covered by the scopes of projects managed under this contract.
● Photographic records beyond the normal scope of presentation and/or inspection services required.
● Expert testimony.
● Certification services of trade societies, institutes, organizations, etc.
● Provision of special plant facilities and equipment such as: trailers, unusual testing apparatuses, etc.
● Construction phasing plans and schedules encompassing relocation of building occupants at facilities other than those covered by order issued under this contract, i.e., moves into/out of temporary space, and into/out of new/renovated space.